Experiment: Moving Portraits

(You have to click the pictures to see them in motion)

Concept: Creating a static photo of a person with a natural moving background.

Jake and I went down to picknick point beach to shoot photos.


Frozien Jump with Waves
.gif at 10 frames a second

Learned: The frame rate needs to be higher to make the water look more natural. The disconnect from the ground without a shadow creates to much separation from the subject.


Standing with waves behind
.gif at 10 frames a second

Learned: Same problem with separation.


Croutched with waves behind
Trying to clean it up a little

Learned: Grounded subject helped keep motion and still tied together.

Changes for next round. More frames per second, working on tying everything together.

Dinosaurs, Science, and Design

The title sums it up.
But for those of you who need more than just a title here’s a little more detail as to what will be posted.


65 million years ago these majestic beasts walked the face of the earth. On occasion I’ll post links to interesting articles that tell about them.



Science is where we’re going.


This is the primary thing that I’ll be posting. This will be broken into a couple smaller sub-categories. The first and hopefully most common is Experiments. These will all be tests of new ideas. They’ll be in all mediums and formats. The section is Design Work. This will be t-shirts, fliers, and other client work. The final main sub category will Influences. These will be links to other designers and designs.