Quick Illustration – This is why T rex dislikes Christmas


2 Fliers and a Shrit for Stroppy

I just had the opportunity to design another show flier for the band Stroppy. Here’s the one I just did for their December 10th show at the Blue Moon in Seattle.

Stroppy, Shark Place, Shit Machine, and Can the Boy Tell Time playing at the Blue Moon on December 10

If you’re interested in listening to the music of Stroppy, you can do so HERE!

Also here are the other bands.

Shit Machine
Can the Boy Tell Time

Also, here is a shirt and old show flier that I did for them as well. I don’t have any photographs of the finished shirt at the moment, but I’ll put some up soon as I have them.

Spinning Hello Test

This is just a test to see if I could get the type and the spin to match up.

Testing 1.2.3.

Currently working on a new title type




Quick Illustration + a type test

A couple of quick ones from the weekend.




.gif fixed for WordPress


Sunday Photos with Kaden

On Sunday November 27 Kaden and I took a few pictures. Kaden took all the photos, provided, the instruments, and did the editing. I did all the lighting. Made for a good Sunday!

All photos and editing- Kaden Tompkins
All lighting by Joe Towey