Desktop Background

The big delay was caused by my computer being off for a few days due to water being spilled on it. But as a thanks for waiting, here’s a fun desktop background. It’s a (hopefully) familiar section of space made out of scanned in splatters of paint!

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Shirt Design for the Seattle Archdiocese

For the last couple of years I’ve had the opportunity to design the shirts for the Seattle Archdiocese Festival of Choirs at the Benaroya Hall.

Here’s the design for this year!

Here's the finished design
And the proof that I sent!

I’ll have photos of the actual printed shirt up in a couple of weeks!

And just for comparison to what I did for them last here, here that is too!

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Experiment: Thermochromic Screen Printing

With all the snow that we’ve been having in the Seattle area lately, it seemed like an appropriate time to post this. This is a bun that has been in the oven for awhile. Probably a little to long, but maybe I like a crunchy crust.

I broke this project into three sections. Research: Done, Illustration: Done, and Printing: Not yet done.

This post will cover the first two, but just as a quick summary, here’s a picture.

This should give a pretty good idea of what were going for.


thermochromism  (ˌθɜːməʊˈkrəʊmɪzəm) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]
a phenomenon in which certain dyes made from liquid crystals change colour reversibly when their temperature is changed

I first found out about thermochromic inks and printing from an old post on My Modern Metropolis. Up on finding this, I needed to know how it worked, and if I could use it for screen printing. I spent a couple hours looking for my on this exact set of printed things; I found plenty of re-posts, but I couldn’t find very much on how it was actually done.

From there I started looking for heat sensitive paints and things along those lines. The first site that I found was Alsa Corp. They sell all sorts of specialty paints, but they’re all geared towards use on cars and motorcycles. Either way though this was the first place that I felt like I was actually making some progress towards what I was looking for.

I went through many other sites before coming to a page on the XL Labs site. This page is very helpful and has good links to more information if you want to look into how to do this process for yourself. Though that page I was turned onto Chromatic Technologies Inc. They produce thermochromic inks for everything from beer cans to CD jackets, or in my case, screen printing ink. I’ll be ordering a  blue to colorless ink that changes at 8Celcius or 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cold Color Warm Color
Black (426) Colorless
Blue (286) Colorless
Red (185) Colorless
Orange (172) Colorless
Green (341) Colorless
Magenta (226) Colorless
Purple (2593) Colorless

Aqua (326)

Green (362) Yellow (3965)
Orange (158) Yellow (604)
Purple (273) Pink (2375)
Burgundy (506) Blue (306)

Here’s a video of the color changing in action. Not screen printed, but the same base ink.


I had a good idea of the illustration that I wanted to make before I was fully sure of how the process worked. For the reference I was looking for I went to one of my favorite sites of all time, Digital Comic Museum. This site is a constantly growing archive of Hi-Res scans of golden-age comics in the public domain comics. If you’re a designer or illustrator, bookmark this site. Even if just looking for good titling types, this site is wonderful. The main reference that I used was from the corner panel from Strange Fantasy. I also ended up using a couple of references from the SanMar catalog as well. SanMar is where I got the reference for the shorts.

Rough Sketch

Working on from the rough sketch I continued the design in the same way that I always design for screen printing or press. Creating one color at a time, being careful to keep the color layers separate. With this illustration I wanted it to be special so I let myself go with adding detail. For that, I have to make apologies to Rufus, there is a large amount of detail that will be in white ink.

Even know what I wanted the final image to look like, this was still a very tricky illustration to create. Effectively I was creating two separate images that had to overlap perfectly with just a single color, while still looking completely natural and successful on their own. I had to rework a good bit of the illustration because once the warm temperature illustration looked good, it would mess something in the cold temperature illustration up. What overall resulted from this though was better than I had initially expected from the illustration as whole.

Detail of the shoes
Detail of face
The Final Illustrations

And hopefully this is how the final product will turn out!

Proof for the sweatshirt!

The printing will be done by Fingers Duke and if they turn out well you’ll be able to pick them up at their store in the Kitsap Mall or order them on their website!

Film Festival Rwawanda Shirt

I had the opportunity to design this shirt for Inflatable Film about three months ago. The printed shirts came out great, I even wore one yesterday, but I don’t have any photos of it. So I guess if you want to see it in person right now, you’ll have to hunt down myself or someone else who has one!

This is the proof for the shirt that I sent.

Some Fingers Duke Shirts

These are a couple t-shirts that I’ve done with Fingers Duke in about the last year and a half. These aren’t all the shirts I’ve done with them, but it’s a good start! With these shirts and the others I’ve done, you can order them through the Fingers Duke website, or pick them up at their store in the Kitsap Mall.

This first guys name is Henry. He was one of the first two shirts that I did for Fingers Duke and the best selling. You can get yours HERE!

This second design was done almost exactly a year ago. It’s the Block Head Lady and you can get yours HERE!


Okay, I really hope, even though I know it won’t happen, that whoever looks at this post will read this before they look at the images. I’ve been debating on whether or not to post these images since I finished them a couple of weeks ago. In the long run, I decided to for one reason alone. Diversity. I want to show that I can drastically alter my style to fit a job. This was one  of the hardest projects I’ve ever done mostly because it is so far away from anything that I normally take or would otherwise do on my own.

I did these images for a auto garage’s website that specializes in formula D racing. (I’ll post a link to the site when it’s done and live on the web.) The concept is simple enough, the face of their website is clean and professional, but there is a “Nitro” button that re-skin the site and images to make it “super badass.”

Having only read a couple of car magazines in my entire life and having looked at even less websites, I may have not quite known what I was jumping into. To start the job off I went out to their shop and shot some photo’s. So of these, the first two are my shots and the third image is from a provided picture.

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A Couple More Past Illustrations

I spent the entire day up in the mountains hiking and building jumps today, so I didn’t have a lot of time to work on any design or art projects. As a consolation, here are a couple of old illustrations to hold over till tomorrow!

A couple of years ago I forgot about Valentines Day until it was over, so this was part of my attempt to make up for it.
A concept for a t-shirt that I never got around to printing. Soft blending inks on a heathered navy blue shirt.

First Snow!!!

As some of you may know, it snowed for the first time this year in the Seattle area.

This is a big deal. This is the day when traffic stops moving for no real reason. I think this works a lot like the way that people have to slow down to look at an accident. Except, when it snows, there’s no particular concentrated area. Aside from slow traffic, the first snowday in the Seattle area also is the first day that kids and adults alike can start to realize sledding down all the hills that they drive up to work everyday. In an area with so many hills, the world becomes one big playground.

For me personally, this is a big deal. I would put the first real snowday of the year on par with Christmas. It’s a BIG deal in my little world. Soon as I woke up this morning and looked out the window, I knew exactly what my day plan was.

When it snows in the lowlands, I don't waste time on things like "clothing"

As we have now reached the night time and the days fun has drawn to a close (and I don’t have any frostbite to speak of), I would say that the day was a complete success.

The first thing that I did when I came inside for the evening was to look up the weather forecast so I could plan out the majority of my week. At my first scan it looked pretty good.

Looks like it's going to be a good week!

And a couple of beers later and it looked even better!

It's going to be an amazing week!