Little Vacation with Bushwacker

I’ve been wanting to go on a vacation or a road trip of some sort for quite awhile now, unfortunately it’s not a plausible option at the moment.

So instead I sent my good friend Bushwacker from the G.I. Joe’s in my place! But as he was leaving, something strange happened. Bushwacker traveled back though time! He’s been sending me pictures as he travels around, though not all of them have aged too well! Here are some of the photos that he’s sent me so far!

Bushwacker started out in Washington as we live in the Seattle area. So, on the first day, he went hiking up to Cedar Lake!

From there Bushwacker went South and did some fishing!

It looks like Busherwacker and his two buddies made quite the haul!

After some fishing, Bushwacker began traveling SouthEast down to Yellow Stone!

While at Yellow Stone, Bushwacker got to see as lot of wildlife!

The last picture that Bushwacker sent me is from pretty far away from the other places, so I’m sure he had some adventures in the mean time. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures from those before too long!

Looks like a fine end to this leg of the trip!

All in all it looks like Bushwacker is having a  good time! Hopefully there will be more to come!


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