We’ll be back after a short break

A couple of weeks ago I had my worst nightmare come true. My computer crashed and deleted almost all my design work. So I immediately went and got data recovery software. One of the things that it required was an external hard drive to be plugged in. So I hooked up my backup external, which the recovery software promptly crashed.
I’m having someone look at my computer this week and hopefully I’ll have it back next week. Until then, I’ll only be able to post phone pictures of stuff in my sketch book.
This is Jerrichu. He’s ball point pen and paint pens.

Find of the week 4/6/12 / Is Tropical – The Greeks

I spend a good bit of time browsing the internet for little nuggets of gold. But there’s almost always one that stands out much more than all others. As of now, I’ll start sharing the best thing that I find during the week every Friday. Why Fridays you ask? At my last job, we would finish every Friday with a video to end the work week and greet the weekend. Now you all can too (without having to dig through the internet yourself)

That being said, this is one of the best music videos that I’ve ever seen. It’s very funny, with just enough sentimentality that it’ll stick with you. Enjoy!

via WhatTheCool