Odds and ends – Some bits

These are just a couple randoms shot’s that never got used from a while back. I was shooting for an auto garage. These never got used so I was able to hang on to them. And hang on to them I did!


Old Flier- Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers

A little while before my computer took a dive, I had the opportunity to do this show flier for Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers.

And just today I finally got around to actually shooting in a couple snaps of the flier.

Here’s the full flier

The Frog that Sits Outside.

Right out of the window of my apartment bed room is a pond. In this pond live some frogs. While originally I thought it was cute falling a asleep to their mating croaks, now I think of them more as a horny frat that parties every damn night. No one ever believes me how large or loud they are either. So the other day they were sitting in the sun, and here is my evidence!

Thiisss Guuyyy…
Judging from the number of empty 40’s in the reeds they had been partying again.

He’s at least 5 inches from tip to tail.


Marty was a Tortoise

This is was I do when I should be sleeping


Two from Kingston!

For not only the second time, but the second time in a row, I’m posting a couple of bmx pictures. I promise I’ll post more silly drawings and whatnot too.

Today Chance and I jumped a ferry boat and went out to the Key Peninsula to ride the Kingston Skate park. It was fun and now I’ve upgraded my sunburn from meh, to definitely there.

Opposite air table in the quarter

Chance Does a Stunt

Chance does a large lookback over a small hip

One of the things that I don’t put much about on here is that I ride bmx. The other day I brought my camera to the park and popped a couple of shots off. This just happens to be one of them!


A Couple More Night Shots

You can still see one of the ropes from the swing that used to hang from its branches   f5.6/ 238s



Phoenix Flying Loop

I was just able to dig this out of an email!

Click the image to see the animation. Unfortunately I couldn’t resize it.

Sweatshirt and Shorts: Long Exposure Photos

When traveling from Wenatchee to Seattle late at night make sure you have three things. A tripod, a camera, and Jake on guitar and timer.

Saddle Rock f7.1 exposure: 91s
f6.3 exposure: 121s

Another different doodle page

Bulbasaur shreds the guitar. Its a fact.