Please Bear with Me

I’m currently working towards getting a new computer. Until that happens please take this page from my sketchbook as a sacrifice to hold you over.

No, I’m not above any sort of puns.

As with most pages in my doodle book, it’s blue ball point and paint marker with a picture taken on a cell phone for extra saturation and clarity⸮

Weekend Snaps

I’ve been out and about all weekend, and as a result, got a few neat photos! And since I’m not really one for context, you don’t really get much.

My cell camera took a dive and I think I like it more now. We roasted a pig.

Like I said, not much, but still a little.

This guy was nice enough to pose for me.
Over and over again

And finally, we get to today.

I set it up and got my new friend Oliver to pull the trigger for me. So that’s me over there in the picture! Weird