Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

If you have  a few clicks to spare, please look at a larger version of the holiday guy. I may have, and in fact did draw him for 18×24. When you zoom it in you’ll see I did all the stitching on his clothes and such.

I haven’t been illustrating enough lately so this is an attempt to start getting back in the swing of things.


Click it to see the full size one
Click it to see the full size one

So hopefully everyone is having a good holiday season thus far!

A slightly larger unframed one so a little more detail can be seen without clicking through to the full size
A slightly larger unframed one so a little more detail can be seen without clicking through to the full size



The Swing at the old barn

It was raining today, so naturally I sought out an abandoned building to take pictures of. I’ll have the rest up in a day or two, but for now here’s a moving cinegraph of the swing that was in front of the barn. Also, I found what appears to be a full street of abandoned and burned homes near by so expect more in the near future!

The swing was getting blown by the wind the whole time I was there

Pushing Post

This photo was more of an experiment than something that I was planning on finishing. Actually, up until today I didn’t even plan on touching it at all. Basically the little concept for this little project was could I take a shitty photo and make a good one just in post with minimal adjustments to exposure and none to HSL.

The original shot (see below) was just a quick reference photo taken at dusk when I was looking for spots to shoot long exposures of the bridge. It was just a quick handheld pop before walking away. The exposure was adjusted +0.3. Other than that almost all the changes were done with the tone curve, split toning, and shadow tint. All in all, for just a run amuck experiment I’m surprised at how well it came out.

This is the unadulterated photo. Excuse me, un-doctored.

Reignwolf in the Neptune

This is the first time I ever brought my camera to a show. let alone a show that I was so excited for. I went down to Seattle a couple hours early to buy tickets and get a drink before the show. At the first bar I realized that I had forgot my CF card in my computer from my last photo dump. This resulted in about 10 minutes of palm to forehead before I realized that I had a back up hidden in my camera bag just for the event of my forgetting my card. So The night commenced!

It was a fairly full house at the Neptune

The opening band was one of my favorites. The Grizzled Mighty. When they took the stage they were nothing short of awesome, I would have made the trip down just to see them, but to get to see them with Reignwolf, MMMMMMMM…. delicious.

Plus the lighting was very cool as well

If you’ve never heard them before 

And they can be downloaded here!

The second act was The Young Evils. I didn’t get to many photos of these guys, as I was distracted by the popcorn I was inserting into my face.

This photo sorta looks like its from an 80’s highschool movie

And finally the headliner. Reignwolf. If you haven’t heard him before, Please, please, listen. He is yet to put out an album, but he is already dominating the Seattle music scene with his skills.

He makes magic and fills the entire stage with his presence

It’s impressive that Phil Collins can sing and drum. That’s hard work. Reignwolf however, shreds the guitar with one hand using the feedback and drums with the other hand.

Naturally I took the picture just after he threw down the drumstick…
And one final photo

All in all, Amazing. Flat out. If you ever get the chance, see him in concert. You won’t regret it.

Flashing Construction on Highway 99

One of these days I’m going to actually come up with a really cool application for these. And get better at making them.

Then they’ll be all magic like the pictures in Harry Potter.

This will have to do for now though. A fun process for sure.
And a final context photo

Fire Line – Cross Here

At least I’m fairly certain that’s what the tape said. As some of you may know it was exceptionally raining in the Seattle area yesterday. With this in mind I thought the light would be lovely to shoot inside of and old abandoned house. And just as it happened, I knew right where one was as I used to dig BMX jumps there in high school. Upon arrival to the old house on the bluff, I discovered that at some point in the last few months it had been set ablaze and all that remained was a hollow burned out husk. So, instead of abandoned interiors, I present you with burned out photos.

New life has already started to spring forth from the rubble
Mediocre yet necessary photo? Nothing a few colors can’t spruce up!
This is the side of the house that has the most left.
The old basement now has a lovely skylight
Only the nails remain from the floor we used to play hide and seek on
Taken in the driest part of the house in the little bit left of the basement.
This is what most of the house looks like on the inside. You can see the bathtub and where a bedroom used to be. I was debating on whether to include this photo, but I like the story it tells.
And a final image of the beginnings of life rising from the worst charred remains.

Though it might not look like it, the hardest part of these photos was staying dry. I was crouched over the camera the whole time and had a large umbrella maneuvering from hand to hand most of the time too. All in all though, I can’t imagine a more fun way to spend a rainy day.
Hope you’ve enjoyed these and thanks for at least scrolling all the way to the bottom!

Treasures on the old bulk head

I spent a little time wandering down the beach the other day picking up bits of crab that had washed up with the tide. Every time I had both of my hands full I would go back to the old section of bulk head and set them on the pillars. In their prime more than seventy-five years ago, these once pristine and tar covered shoulder high pillars still stand against the waves. The protect the land and the homes above as they always have, and a small number still provide the place where treasures from the beach have always been laid.


The little top bit is a little more floral than I would normally put forth, but this is a very sentimental place to me that has been in my family since the 1930’s

One of the few survivors of the shells here, the blind eyes show this fellow is just a molting

The crab shells in all of these photos can be seen in the top photo.


There’s a very high possibility that there will be more of this bulk head in the future.



Red Berries Please

These berries came up with the tide

I spent a little while wandering the beach collecting all these berries that I came across because I thought they looked pretty. Thankfully I only had one person ask what I was doing.

These little berries were all but glowing in the midday fall light.

Taking this photo just made me want a 100mm macro lens all the more.

Just in general fall light makes things look nice and sculpted. The hardest thing about shooting in it is finding a day off when it’s not raining too bad.