Tacoma Narrows .gif

This is a little experiment for things to come later. It was take from the first overpass on the Tacoma side of the narrows bridge.


8 thoughts on “Tacoma Narrows .gif

    1. It was a 3 minute exposure that I slightly overexposed. I shot it in RAW so I could have some post expire control. Then exported two versions with different contrast, brightness, and exposures. From there it was simply throwing those in photo shop, opening the animation window, and creating an opacity tween from one to the other and back again. This final one has 40 frames total. The whole process took about 25 min.

      I played with overlay layers and tweens but it notably slowed the animation.

      Hope this is what you’re looking for!

  1. This is really wonderful. I admire your ability with animation, it is really fun. I have been looking around your blog after seeing you had left your signature on mine, and I am glad you did. I particularly lke your eye for detail, the old oven, the chain link, the od window. Lovely mixture of nostalgia and technical mastery!

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