Pushing Post

This photo was more of an experiment than something that I was planning on finishing. Actually, up until today I didn’t even plan on touching it at all. Basically the little concept for this little project was could I take a shitty photo and make a good one just in post with minimal adjustments to exposure and none to HSL.

The original shot (see below) was just a quick reference photo taken at dusk when I was looking for spots to shoot long exposures of the bridge. It was just a quick handheld pop before walking away. The exposure was adjusted +0.3. Other than that almost all the changes were done with the tone curve, split toning, and shadow tint. All in all, for just a run amuck experiment I’m surprised at how well it came out.

This is the unadulterated photo. Excuse me, un-doctored.

5 thoughts on “Pushing Post

  1. It’s beautiful. Good to know that something great can come of our reference photos. Thanks for stoping by and the “like.” Makes it easy to find your work. 🙂

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