Indecisive focus – Cinemagraph

Another one from the other day at the abandoned farm. I’ve been too busy working to edit any other photos yet. Soon though!

Wheat-CinegraphI love how odd and slightly unsettling these things are. Plus they’re very fun and fairly quick to make!

12 thoughts on “Indecisive focus – Cinemagraph

    1. If you export the image as an animated .gif that should be all it takes. I have had some times where wordpress is a little touchy about what it plays when it has to resize them though. The sure all for this is to export it at 580 pixels wide (the width of the blog column). Hope this helps some!

  1. I’ve ‘liked’ this, because the dynamics of the idea are great, but the actual manifestation of those dynamics is impossible to look at for more than a few seconds!

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