Brushing Off the Dust

While there is still plenty of winter to play in, it never hurts to started getting ready for the next season. With this in mind I’ve started cleaning my film cameras, and not just so I can take hip photos. I want to be able to set up my 30D with the intervelometer to do time-lapse whilst I wander around and take photos. Then after developing the film its straight into the negative scanner because I still love digital.


5 thoughts on “Brushing Off the Dust

  1. I’m not sure I understand everything you wrote there.. but it’s funny that you use a Pentax (my IRL-BBF, another dinosaur and science-crazy person mentioned before, uses a Pentax too)

    1. Hehe I let my nerd hang out for a moment 😉

      I’ve had this camera since high school and my dad had it for many many years before that. It’s lovely

  2. MX? I had a Minolta Maxxum 3000i “back in the day.” The film bodies can be had for a song, but I imagine the lenses you have there are still pricey items…

  3. I have the same Pentax and zoom…hahaha of course mines like an antique now… but how are you uploading to the blogorama??? Are you developing your own too?? just curious. I have a tiny black spot I can’t get off my 200 lenz, that I tried for years to get off….broke my heart, but I just can’t get to it, well I could I suppose if I took it apart, but then wtf would I do….hehehehe you know I’d lose a piece…and there ya go.

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