A Greater Ape

Just a couple more from the zoo! Todays animal is the gorilla. These fellows were very neat. After sitting and watching them for awhile it’s enough to give mixed feelings on anything that intelligent being in an enclosure. They knew what clearly knew what cameras were and would either put a hand or foot in front of their face when a camera was pointed at them if they didn’t want to be in a picture, or they would pose and look right at you if they did.


The orangoutangs were much the same, but unfortunately where they were hiding from the rain was too dark to get anything really usable.



10 thoughts on “A Greater Ape

  1. If you look into their eyes, you see that they are so human-like. I feel bad that they are in enclosed like they are. They experience feelings like we do and it’s sad. But on another note…these are great pictures. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s Tarzans mom and dad, was my first thought πŸ˜› They really do look very intellegent… makes you wonder how smart they actually are. And that’s a somewhat uncomfortable thought.. :-/

  3. There is a family of Gorillas in the Melbourne zoo, too. I find it really unsettling to look one in the eye, especially if it is up close to the glass ‘wall’. It feels a bit like the way some people kept their ‘poor relations’ in the old days.

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