The Cornmaze

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Working and learning seem to consume the vast majority of my life lately. Thankfully, a mate invited me to visit the corn maze with his family. Of course this mostly involved me wandering about with my camera.

In addition to the maze, there was also a pumpkin patch.

Unfortunately I didn't think to bring my tripod so i had to hold my breath to do shoot this
Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring my tripod so i had to hold my breath to do shoot this

The brave leader and navigator for our trek through the maze was Conner the Mapholder.




Across the whole day, the most interesting thing was how people interacted with the maze and each other. From the group (in their 30’s) loudly complaining from the center of the maze that it was to easy or the family laughing every time they walked in a circle, almost everyone interacted differently.

IMG_1088FinishIn many cases people had begun husking the corn while in the maze, only to stop and leave it half exposed soon as they realized that it had hairs or was’t ripe. With the kernels ripe for picking the crows or other birds would swoop in an finish what people had left.

IMG_1076FinishThough for every ear that hung never to make it out of the field, there were several more just coming into their own, still holding the fog.