The Zipper!

The Zipper at the Langley County Fair

Go down to the fair and breath the air, for before to long the breath will be stolen from your chest, as you fly and flip to you fill on the monument to fun known as the Zipper!

6 seconds

New Shirts off the press @ Fingers Duke!

I forgot how satisfying it is to see designs going into the store. This weeks shirt for New Shirt Tuesdays at Fingers Duke was a design that I did.

Here's the proof I sent them along with my press file

And here’s the shirts fresh off the press!

Water based inks on organic cotton!

All in all I think they came out pretty awesome so expect more in the near future!


Okay, I really hope, even though I know it won’t happen, that whoever looks at this post will read this before they look at the images. I’ve been debating on whether or not to post these images since I finished them a couple of weeks ago. In the long run, I decided to for one reason alone. Diversity. I want to show that I can drastically alter my style to fit a job. This was one  of the hardest projects I’ve ever done mostly because it is so far away from anything that I normally take or would otherwise do on my own.

I did these images for a auto garage’s website that specializes in formula D racing. (I’ll post a link to the site when it’s done and live on the web.) The concept is simple enough, the face of their website is clean and professional, but there is a “Nitro” button that re-skin the site and images to make it “super badass.”

Having only read a couple of car magazines in my entire life and having looked at even less websites, I may have not quite known what I was jumping into. To start the job off I went out to their shop and shot some photo’s. So of these, the first two are my shots and the third image is from a provided picture.

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Behind Little Vacation

The idea for Little Vacation with Bushwacker came to me when I was driving to work. And not just a starting point for the idea, but the whole thing done just popped into my head. The strange thing was, when I thought of it, I was actually thinking about which back roads would be the fastest to get me to an emissions place so I could get new tabs. My string of thoughts went along the lines of, “Okay, I’ll make a left off of Redmond Way onto 185th, take pictures of a G.I. Joe in front of vintage destination postcards, and then make a right on 186th.”

I didn’t even realize that I had had the though or settled on doing the little project for a good fifteen or so minutes when I was reviewing the directions as I was driving them. But long story short I had already decided that I was going to do the project, so soon as I got off of work, it was straight to the antique mall. I have a few that I frequent, but there’s one in particular that I know that I can find anything I want. After a good couple hours of hunt for post cards (and some new vinyl too), I was set.

The following day I stayed late at work and did a little set up in an open stage.

The hardest, and most fun part of the photos was trying to match the lighting in the photos on the G.I. Joe
Each image had a slightly different setup to best match the postcard

Also changing Bushwacker’s pose from card to card was surprisingly difficult because of how closely the camera framing was to the edges of the post card. Every time I even slightly bumped something I would have to readjust the camera and the postcard.

The view through the camera made everything worth it though!

The final images can be viewed a couple of posts below this one!

Little Vacation with Bushwacker

I’ve been wanting to go on a vacation or a road trip of some sort for quite awhile now, unfortunately it’s not a plausible option at the moment.

So instead I sent my good friend Bushwacker from the G.I. Joe’s in my place! But as he was leaving, something strange happened. Bushwacker traveled back though time! He’s been sending me pictures as he travels around, though not all of them have aged too well! Here are some of the photos that he’s sent me so far!

Bushwacker started out in Washington as we live in the Seattle area. So, on the first day, he went hiking up to Cedar Lake!

From there Bushwacker went South and did some fishing!

It looks like Busherwacker and his two buddies made quite the haul!

After some fishing, Bushwacker began traveling SouthEast down to Yellow Stone!

While at Yellow Stone, Bushwacker got to see as lot of wildlife!

The last picture that Bushwacker sent me is from pretty far away from the other places, so I’m sure he had some adventures in the mean time. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures from those before too long!

Looks like a fine end to this leg of the trip!

All in all it looks like Bushwacker is having a  good time! Hopefully there will be more to come!