Penguins are Weird

From taking this photo I learned that penguins look really strange when you look super close. Really interesting though. I wasn’t expecting to see the wrinkles on the top of the beak from the little salt extractor thing.

Yup, pretty odd looking. Maybe not quite as snuggle friendly now.
Yup, pretty odd looking. Maybe not quite as snuggle friendly now.

I took another trip to the zoo for my roommates birthday a few days ago. In the name of being fairly lazy, I’ve decided to break the photo-post load up and just upload one or two a day. So here’s todays.


The Frog that Sits Outside.

Right out of the window of my apartment bed room is a pond. In this pond live some frogs. While originally I thought it was cute falling a asleep to their mating croaks, now I think of them more as a horny frat that parties every damn night. No one ever believes me how large or loud they are either. So the other day they were sitting in the sun, and here is my evidence!

Thiisss Guuyyy…
Judging from the number of empty 40’s in the reeds they had been partying again.

He’s at least 5 inches from tip to tail.

I’m not dead, Just Drawing really slowly

What I've been working on for the last few days- Click for full size

I’ll get back to posting regularly soon as I get this colored and animated. I’ve had a couple days off of work so I decided to do something a little more complex and involved that the usual.


Quick Tribute to “Forbidden Planet”

Got to love the oldies!