The End of an Infographic

This is from a project that I was working on a couple weeks ago that got canned ¬†midway through. Although the actual project will never see the light of day, I’m still fond of the icons that I build for it and want them to at least get a flashlight on them. If I find enough time, I may even finish it on my own time.

I was instructed to make a DRTV info graphic. I was given a little quick breakdown of how the market worked, then I was set free to more or less do as I pleased with it.

DRTV Model Icons-01-01

These were the core icons that I came up with. The colors used are the company’s logo color. Making icons and small simple illustrations is one of my favorite things to do. In part because I find it immensely enjoyable to add in details that no one will ever catch.

Said Details
Said Details

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 4.42.09 PM

Even just the process of building and working through to figure out which solution will work the best is enjoyable. One of my favorite things with the projects, is after it’s complete, go back and look at all the things that didn’t work.

Such as other patterns that were getting worked up for the globes
Such as other patterns that were getting worked up for the globes

Unfortunately this project didn’t make it to much further that this stage. I had only started laying out the graphic for a rough proof of concept when I got the call that that project wasn’t going to go through to completion till there was more purpose for it. Here’s the little bit that I did on the layout before moving onto the next thing. ¬†Click through to view the full size.

Unfinished Graphic-03



Dinosaurs, Science, and Design

The title sums it up.
But for those of you who need more than just a title here’s a little more detail as to what will be posted.


65 million years ago these majestic beasts walked the face of the earth. On occasion I’ll post links to interesting articles that tell about them.



Science is where we’re going.


This is the primary thing that I’ll be posting. This will be broken into a couple smaller sub-categories. The first and hopefully most common is Experiments. These will all be tests of new ideas. They’ll be in all mediums and formats. The section is Design Work. This will be t-shirts, fliers, and other client work. The final main sub category will Influences. These will be links to other designers and designs.