When It’s to Wet to Ride Bikes we Draw Bikes


These also doubled as a chance to test out and get familiar with the rad character animation plugin Rubber Hose



Floating Oddity

I went camping with a couple friends last weekend. There were strange things floating all over. To the eye they looked like they were barely there if at all. Once you get them on camera and run the images through some treatments (see photoshop, after effects, & cinema 4d) these little strange things begin to take much stronger shape. I’ve only had the time to fully work up this one image so far, but more will follow.

Click the image to view it larger. May take a moment to load
Click the image to view it larger. May take a moment to load

This was pretty much just an excuse to practice building 3d environment maps from 360 panoramas.

The Fast Way Down the Mountain

Here’s the first of many fun nuggets of joy from last weekends backpacking trip. We covered about 17 miles in three days. On Saturday I wandered off alone all day to see where it would take me. One of the places I wound up was in a huge field of flowers, ferns, blueberries, and huckleberries. The oddity being that it was on a 45 degree slope. When in this situation on the decent there are two ways to get hike down it. You can look for difficult footing and make your way carefully, OOooorrrr you can slide on your butt like a madman!

It was a pretty easy choice.
It was a pretty easy choice.

Space Movers!

8 out of 9 packages aren’t destroyed in space!

This is a little project to play with integrating as much as possible. So, there’s hand animation, hugin (a photo stitching program), photoshop, flash, and illustrator!

The space movers are based out of the great lakes space port.
The space movers are based out of the great lakes space port.

The hardest part of this, was that flash kept crashing every 20 minutes for whatever reason.
The photo is a panorama from the top of the Sun Valley ski area turned into one of those little planets that are so popular these days.

Next up is some hand illustration!

Break One Thing

Another moving thing. I’m getting much faster at figuring out the type alignment and such. I think next I’m going to try to make a couple in AfterEffects instead of Photoshop to see if I can do more with them there.

break-one-thingThe background is a photograph of  a smashed car outside of an abandoned loading warehouse.