Space Movers Infomercial!

This is a completely rebuilt version of the Space Movers animated .gif. I wanted to see how many different programs and thing I could integrate. The audio was just kind of plopped on there, mostly because I know very little about the audio side of things. That is my roommate Jake jake jake reading off the whole info panel as it slides by. And the song is K/Half Noise by Mum.


More motion stuff to come!

The programs involved were as follows,

After Effects CS6, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Premier Pro CS6, Hugin, Audition CS6, Flash CS6

Space Movers!

8 out of 9 packages aren’t destroyed in space!

This is a little project to play with integrating as much as possible. So, there’s hand animation, hugin (a photo stitching program), photoshop, flash, and illustrator!

The space movers are based out of the great lakes space port.
The space movers are based out of the great lakes space port.

The hardest part of this, was that flash kept crashing every 20 minutes for whatever reason.
The photo is a panorama from the top of the Sun Valley ski area turned into one of those little planets that are so popular these days.

Next up is some hand illustration!

Weekly Find 13/03/15

This is going to be a fairly quick post as it’s late and I’ve still got plenty to do! This weeks video is one that I found a back in college a few years ago, but I still watch quite regularly whenever I feel like my own illustrations start to feel dry. It’s very cute and more than a little sad and twisted. Enjoy!


I finished setting up and testing my negative scanner just a few minutes ago. It still needs a couple tweaks, but It’ll be ready with just a little more fiddle time!

Weekly Find 13/3/1

I did weekly finds for a little while in the past. So here’s the revitalization of that! Every Friday I’ll post the best thing (Usually video) that I have found all week.

To start it off, here’s a fantastically animated music video animated by the same folks who did Super Jail! I found this while link chasing on youtube.

Band: The M Machine

Song: Tiny Anthem

Break One Thing

Another moving thing. I’m getting much faster at figuring out the type alignment and such. I think next I’m going to try to make a couple in AfterEffects instead of Photoshop to see if I can do more with them there.

break-one-thingThe background is a photograph of  a smashed car outside of an abandoned loading warehouse.


You Are Beautiful

Here’s one of today’s projects. This was surprisingly difficult. With how easy it was for circles, I expected it to work the same, but keeping the type aligned was a challenge. I got it figured out just fine in the end though. 🙂

The background is a picture of an old shoe I found near an abandoned farm.
The background is a picture of an old shoe I found near an abandoned farm.

I’ll have the rest of the photos from the abandoned farm up soon!