Writers/ Drawers Block

I started to try a new style a few days ago. After almost a full day of attempting, I had come up with nothing. Such my fixation on it began and all progress ground to a halt.

Yes, for the past three days I’ve been a bear.


Also, I ordered an intervalometer today so expect more long exposures and time lapse in the future!

Please Bear with Me

I’m currently working towards getting a new computer. Until that happens please take this page from my sketchbook as a sacrifice to hold you over.

No, I’m not above any sort of puns.

As with most pages in my doodle book, it’s blue ball point and paint marker with a picture taken on a cell phone for extra saturation and clarity⸮

New Shirts off the press @ Fingers Duke!

I forgot how satisfying it is to see designs going into the store. This weeks shirt for New Shirt Tuesdays at Fingers Duke was a design that I did.

Here's the proof I sent them along with my press file

And here’s the shirts fresh off the press!

Water based inks on organic cotton!

All in all I think they came out pretty awesome so expect more in the near future!