Bike Night @ Mill Creek

It’s been very busy lately. But amidst the general chaos of living in the 21st century, I’ve managed to built a couple projects. This is from a fun monthly event that has just taken on the name “Bike Night.” For 5 hours, on the first Friday of every month, the Mill Creek Skate Park goes from skateboards only, to bikes only.


If you’re interested in the music, it’s from Human Pyramids! It’s a fantastic 3 track demo that can be found right here!



The slow mo was shot on an Sony FS700, the time lapse on a Cannon 30d, and everything else on a Cannon 7d!
Editing was all done in Premiere Pro CS6 and the type was set in Illustrator.

Look for more fun stuff soon!

Four Bikes, One Car, Four Parks

Today was the first official ride day of the season. We loaded up four bikes and four people in one car and rode four parks. And it was glorious.

Chance rolls over the doorway the Marcus sits under.
Chance rolls over the doorway the Marcus sits under.
Bike there, bike there, bike there, Oh, and one there.
Bike there, bike there, bike there, Oh, and one there.

It’s always an impressive feat fitting four bikes in the trunk. Though with the improvements through the day I swear you could fit five in there by the end.

Marcus doing a barspin off of a super thin side of one of the doorways.
Marcus doing a barspin off of a super thin side of one of the doorways.
Dan enjoying some sun and long grass.
Dan enjoying some sun and long grass.

I was doing stunts too, at like a 95% of the time stunting to 5% camera(ing). Spring has now officially started in my book!

Self Cinemagraph

This is an small idea that I had the other night and got around to shooting on my way home from work last night. Sort of like a self portrait, but with a bit more life and character.

The image links to a little bit larger version for curious or bored.

As it were, shooting the photos was much harder than I anticipated. I had set up with my tripod and trusty intervelometer. But then came the timing. On my 30d you can get just over a 3 second burst of photos on the high setting, so I had to set my delay from hitting the button, jumping on my bike, pedaling up, and finally jumping onto the wall.
I think I have between 75 and 100 pictures of just a blank wall and maybe 30 more of myself much to early or too late. Also this is a spot a good friend showed me about a week ago. Normally I can do my little wall rides over the squares, but the whole time I was going at these I couldn’t focus on the trick because I was straining my ears to hear the shutter go.

All in all, fun project, I’m never doing it alone again though. It would have been a very easy to have another person there to ride or on trigger.

Though this does portray me fairly well I feel, right down to the, “Blah, there’s a lot going on!”

Weekend Snaps

I’ve been out and about all weekend, and as a result, got a few neat photos! And since I’m not really one for context, you don’t really get much.

My cell camera took a dive and I think I like it more now. We roasted a pig.

Like I said, not much, but still a little.

This guy was nice enough to pose for me.
Over and over again

And finally, we get to today.

I set it up and got my new friend Oliver to pull the trigger for me. So that’s me over there in the picture! Weird

Two from Kingston!

For not only the second time, but the second time in a row, I’m posting a couple of bmx pictures. I promise I’ll post more silly drawings and whatnot too.

Today Chance and I jumped a ferry boat and went out to the Key Peninsula to ride the Kingston Skate park. It was fun and now I’ve upgraded my sunburn from meh, to definitely there.

Opposite air table in the quarter