Indecisive focus – Cinemagraph

Another one from the other day at the abandoned farm. I’ve been too busy working to edit any other photos yet. Soon though!

Wheat-CinegraphI love how odd and slightly unsettling these things are. Plus they’re very fun and fairly quick to make!

The Zipper!

The Zipper at the Langley County Fair

Go down to the fair and breath the air, for before to long the breath will be stolen from your chest, as you fly and flip to you fill on the monument to fun known as the Zipper!

6 seconds

Weekend Snaps

I’ve been out and about all weekend, and as a result, got a few neat photos! And since I’m not really one for context, you don’t really get much.

My cell camera took a dive and I think I like it more now. We roasted a pig.

Like I said, not much, but still a little.

This guy was nice enough to pose for me.
Over and over again

And finally, we get to today.

I set it up and got my new friend Oliver to pull the trigger for me. So that’s me over there in the picture! Weird