The Fast Way Down the Mountain

Here’s the first of many fun nuggets of joy from last weekends backpacking trip. We covered about 17 miles in three days. On Saturday I wandered off alone all day to see where it would take me. One of the places I wound up was in a huge field of flowers, ferns, blueberries, and huckleberries. The oddity being that it was on a 45 degree slope. When in this situation on the decent there are two ways to get hike down it. You can look for difficult footing and make your way carefully, OOooorrrr you can slide on your butt like a madman!

It was a pretty easy choice.
It was a pretty easy choice.

Break One Thing

Another moving thing. I’m getting much faster at figuring out the type alignment and such. I think next I’m going to try to make a couple in AfterEffects instead of Photoshop to see if I can do more with them there.

break-one-thingThe background is a photograph of  a smashed car outside of an abandoned loading warehouse.


Red Apple Motel sign – Cinemagraph

I saw this sign while catching up with my mom. She saw some of the photo’s I have of old and abandoned buildings (I’ll edit and post them soon) and wanted to show me some she had found. After awhile this just turned into us driving around chatting. We ended up in the town of Machias. It was just after sundown that I saw this sign in someones yard. I loved it. I grabbed the gear that I of course had in the car and set up on the edge of the yard.
After a moment a lady came out and asked what we were doing. I was able to meet her and her husband Bruce (I never caught her name). They allowed me into their yard to snap this and told me how it had come into their possession. Oh, and of course I was hiding with the tripod under an umbrella because as always, it was raining.

45sec/exposure   f32  ISO1600  White balance: All of them
45sec/exposure f32 ISO1600 White balance: All of them

They had an assortment of of other beautiful treasures around their yard so I hope I can make it back out there again!

Indecisive focus – Cinemagraph

Another one from the other day at the abandoned farm. I’ve been too busy working to edit any other photos yet. Soon though!

Wheat-CinegraphI love how odd and slightly unsettling these things are. Plus they’re very fun and fairly quick to make!

The Swing at the old barn

It was raining today, so naturally I sought out an abandoned building to take pictures of. I’ll have the rest up in a day or two, but for now here’s a moving cinegraph of the swing that was in front of the barn. Also, I found what appears to be a full street of abandoned and burned homes near by so expect more in the near future!

The swing was getting blown by the wind the whole time I was there