The End of an Infographic

This is from a project that I was working on a couple weeks ago that got canned  midway through. Although the actual project will never see the light of day, I’m still fond of the icons that I build for it and want them to at least get a flashlight on them. If I find enough time, I may even finish it on my own time.

I was instructed to make a DRTV info graphic. I was given a little quick breakdown of how the market worked, then I was set free to more or less do as I pleased with it.

DRTV Model Icons-01-01

These were the core icons that I came up with. The colors used are the company’s logo color. Making icons and small simple illustrations is one of my favorite things to do. In part because I find it immensely enjoyable to add in details that no one will ever catch.

Said Details
Said Details

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 4.42.09 PM

Even just the process of building and working through to figure out which solution will work the best is enjoyable. One of my favorite things with the projects, is after it’s complete, go back and look at all the things that didn’t work.

Such as other patterns that were getting worked up for the globes
Such as other patterns that were getting worked up for the globes

Unfortunately this project didn’t make it to much further that this stage. I had only started laying out the graphic for a rough proof of concept when I got the call that that project wasn’t going to go through to completion till there was more purpose for it. Here’s the little bit that I did on the layout before moving onto the next thing.  Click through to view the full size.

Unfinished Graphic-03



This Giant Teddy Drinks Way Too Much

Nothing like a drunk bear passed out in front of the toilet
Nothing like a drunk bear passed out in front of the toilet

I picked up this giant teddy bear about a week before Christmas for some recently engaged friends. Over the course of living together for that one week I was introduced to one of the wildest and most substance abusive stuffed animals that I’ve ever met.

This was from the night I found him in an ally. I made him have the beard soon as we got to my house.
This was from the night I found him in an ally. I made him have the beard soon as we got to my house.

I always though that just about anything and anyone could be easy to live with at least for a short time so long as you kept an understanding mind and open to new ideas. I now know that this is not the case.

The first couple of days went fine. We did normal friend things. I knew he wasn’t going to be hanging out for too long so I figured we should bond while we had the chance. Right on the bat we found that we liked to watch similar things on the television! Although for slightly different reasons.

We both love watching documentaries on the "Bear Food Network" (Animal Planet)
We both love watching documentaries on the “Bear Food Network” (Animal Planet)

Maybe it should have set off some alarms that something was amiss when I noticed how much Bear would drool as we watched this documentaries. I gave him the benefit of the doubt though. I just figured that he was hungry, and it’s only natural that watching animals would tug at his more primal urges.

The third night in Bear suggested that we do away with that television, and just have a fire in the backyard. It’s close to the middle of winter, but a Christmas bonding fire sounded like a fun idea. Nothing like being in the freezing cold and huddling near something warm(The fire, NOT bear).

Passing the bottle of Yukon
Passing the bottle of Yukon

This was the first time that I drank with Bear. This was also the last time that I drank with Bear. It was not however, the last time that I saw Bear drunk. It started off with good fun. We shared stories, found that we had been at some of the same parties, and we’re really having a great time. He had offered interesting commentary and had a funny introspective view on the stories that I told. The ones that he told we’re both funny and managed to be touching at the same time. I really felt like we we’re bonding. For a short while I was doubting the decision to give Bear away at Christmas.

Then things started to wind down for the night. For me.

Bear on the other hand, was just getting started.
Bear on the other hand, was just getting started.

Once the clock chimed 12 I figured it was about time to head to bed. (I had work in the morning) Soon as I proposed this to Bear, he told me to point the camera at him and started chugging liquor. At which point I, for the first time, met a different Bear then the one that I had gotten to know over the past couple of days. Suddenly he had wild eyes and was drinking like it was his lifeline. At this point I was trying to talk him down. I should have known better.

The neighbors security lights came on when he was peeing on their truck.
The neighbors security lights came on when he was peeing on their truck.

I was able to make apologies to the neighbors and drag Bear back to our house. Once I got him home, he was yammering about how he knew  a guy who could get some stuff. Not wanting to be a part of it and needing to sleep before work, I set him down on the couch and went to bed. About twenty minutes later I heard the front door slam. Figuring that Bear could make his own bad decisions, I rolled over and went to sleep.

About 3AM I woke up to this picture text from an unknown number.

I still don't know if Bear and his friend were messing around, or if he actually got arrested.
I still don’t know if Bear and his friend were messing around, or if he actually got arrested.

When I woke up, Bear was nowhere to be found. By the time I was off work, I was a little worried. I hadn’t heard anything from Bear. All I had heard since setting him on the couch was the picture of him maybe getting arrested. When I got home my worry instantly evaporated.

He was drunk and passed out on the couch like nothing ever happened.
He was drunk and passed out on the couch like nothing ever happened.

I tried to talk to Bear about what had happened the night before, but he just brushed me off and asked me to get him another beer from the fridge. This pretty much defined the rest of our relationship.

The holidays were rather hectic at work for me as I was having almost daily review cycles on a fully animated commercial, so I was working a lot of late nights. The next night I didn’t get home until about 10pm. Things would have gone so much better if I had worked an extra 15 minutes. It would have made all the difference. But, I got home at 10 and was greeted by this lovely sight.

My computer is forever unclean.
My computer is forever unclean.

The following night when I got home, Bear wasn’t anywhere to be seen. As much as I was growing to appreciate the peace and quiet, this also made me nervous. I didn’t know if I should be worried if Bear was okay, or for myself, that this was the quiet before the storm. As it turned out, you should never worry about Bear. Bear is always fine.

That takes us to the top photo. After getting off work, I went over to my parents for dinner. Then when I got home that’s what I came home to. It was quiet when I get there. Too Quiet. As messy as the bathroom was, what Bear had done in the kitchen was several times worse. Lord only knows what he was eating to make those colors come out.

The next day I thankfully handed Bear off to my dear and loving friends, and never before have I felt such a strong combination of guilt and relief over giving a gift. With my hands washed clean, I went home to begin cleaning and burning things in my home.


Click HERE to see this from Bear’s point of view and to see the few pictures that were just to bad to put up here!


(Yes Bear is based on a roommate I had a couple of years ago.)

Life, Now in 3D!

I’ve been busy, but I’ve gained some new tricks and skills. Super busy. 7 days and 70 some hours a week busy.

The upside is now I have a solid working knowledge of tracking 3d into video! Plus all sorts of other useful stuff!


Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 6.03.44 PM 1065073_628031087229549_2002682804_o


I’ll have video’s with fun 3d integration up in the next week, also a 30 second cartoon called “detective dog,” as well as some photos I’ve been sitting on for awhile.

The last month and a half in a nutshell for the curious, I got picked up by a production company to do design full time, still working weekends at the bicycle shop, and still working with all of my freelance clients to make sure they’re all covered. Out of the last 40 some days, I’ve had 2 off, the 4th of July, and the saturday following, mostly because I had to locate my stolen phone. All in all it’s been a lovely, if a little hectic time. Though, I did just put in my two weeks at the bike shop so soon I’ll be able to work on my personal projects (see: anything posted here) while the sun is still up! Cheers

Retouching things from college and 1000+ follows

Just kidding! I wiped my old college website in preference to having a link leading here! What finally spurred on this decision was the fact that I’m out of business cards. I did just recently find some older ones that linked back to my original website though. So, now with this little change, I can use those cards and I’m no longer out!

Here's what the link/splash page looks like now!
Here’s what the link/splash page looks like now!

1000+ Follows!

I told myself that I would include a little about myself once I hit 100 follows. Then 500, then 800. And now at 1000, I’m finally putting in a little snipet. I normally try to keep things fairly objective as far as only letting certain aspects of myself show through. This is because I want to be able to make work that is strong enough on its own that it doesn’t need a personality behind it because it has a life of its own. Constantly seeking this is what gets me motivated everyday.
More than anything else, I hate feeling useless. So I spend everyday trying to get better. I love learning, creating, helping, and building skills. I’ll probably stay this way until I’m useful in every situation. Ever.
Other facts. As seen from the above section, I can be a bit of a penny pincher (see: cheap ass), especially when I can think of a way around it. At the other side of that, for things that I’m going to keep, tools, tattoos, etc, I would rather pay more and get something too last. I grew up with my dad’s saying, “Do it right, do it once.”
With that in mind, I draw quite a bit away from the computer. With this, I tend to draw everything more than once. Repeating the same thing until I like what I get.

The one on the right is pretty much how I've seen myself since childhood.
The one on the right is pretty much how I’ve seen myself since childhood.

The ones on the right are plastisol paint pens. They’re pretty much the most fun ever. And they don’t bleed through paper at all!

Other than that, I’m 24, I’ve worked in a print shop, helped start a screen printing shop, an art store, a bicycle shop, microsoft, oodles of festivals, vending at baseball games, and lots of freelance. I’m currently doing mostly freelance production assistant, grip, and video playback work. Also, I’m working weekends at the bicycle shop down the street to have financial padding. I ride my bike about every other day. I’ve grown up on the beach so I know how to catch most sealife by hand.

And to finish it up, I currently have a twisty mustache because it makes me giggle when I see it in mirrors.

Weekly Find 13/03/15

This is going to be a fairly quick post as it’s late and I’ve still got plenty to do! This weeks video is one that I found a back in college a few years ago, but I still watch quite regularly whenever I feel like my own illustrations start to feel dry. It’s very cute and more than a little sad and twisted. Enjoy!


I finished setting up and testing my negative scanner just a few minutes ago. It still needs a couple tweaks, but It’ll be ready with just a little more fiddle time!

Break One Thing

Another moving thing. I’m getting much faster at figuring out the type alignment and such. I think next I’m going to try to make a couple in AfterEffects instead of Photoshop to see if I can do more with them there.

break-one-thingThe background is a photograph of  a smashed car outside of an abandoned loading warehouse.


You Are Beautiful

Here’s one of today’s projects. This was surprisingly difficult. With how easy it was for circles, I expected it to work the same, but keeping the type aligned was a challenge. I got it figured out just fine in the end though. 🙂

The background is a picture of an old shoe I found near an abandoned farm.
The background is a picture of an old shoe I found near an abandoned farm.

I’ll have the rest of the photos from the abandoned farm up soon!

What a Twist – Cinemagraph

Went back and experimented with a photograph. Building ideas for how this could be put to better use in the near future!

The photo is from the lake across the street a few days ago.
The photo is from the lake across the street a few days ago.

I want to work with these a LOT more. Very very easy, and very fun to make. From the start of post to the exporting of the .gif this took maybe 15-20 minutes.