The 2015 Reel!

This past year in a nut shell.
I’ve been extremely fortunate this past year to work on a ton of awesome projects. I was able to wake up excited for what I was doing more often than ever before, which honestly just makes me more excited for what the future holds. I was able to make new friends, work in some very cool offices, learned a couple good lessons on how to avoid all nighters, pulled at least a dozen all nighters, I got to see my graphics across screens the size of a football field, watched a least 100 hours of tutorials, had several things on the telly, and still had time for biking, hiking, reading, and video games.
Now I pour one out for the past year and raise a glass to the next!
…shit… don’t pour glasses out at your computer desk

The Graphic Moving Portfolio of Joseph Towey 2014

I’m not usually one for posting videos, but hot damn this was a lot of work. This is a general sampling from jobs I’ve done in the last year. Watching this for me is just a rush of memories.


While for the most part I only selected things that could fit in smoothly, there is one spot where the music stops and there’s a little segment of two icons talking. Though it breaks the flow, I really wanted to include that because that job took just over 250 hours on its own. All the speaking bits were animated with facial motion tracking and tons of key frames. For doing the motion tracking, I ended up over at my parents house at 10pm lip syncing the commercial several times in front of a camera. Even just getting that job, I had found a neat AE expression for attaching puppet pins to nulls about half an hour before I got word of it. When my intermediary client came through the door, and asked if I could make animated talking icons, I had just thing I wanted to try! That job also had about a million rounds of changes and change backs.

For me, most of the brief clips in that video have stories, ideas, trials, and solutions attached to them. Some funny, some arduous, some otherwise. This is the first time that I’ve cut together an actual reel, (I’ve made just graphic demos for clients in the past) and it’s certainly strange to see a year summed up into just over three minutes.

Space Movers Infomercial!

This is a completely rebuilt version of the Space Movers animated .gif. I wanted to see how many different programs and thing I could integrate. The audio was just kind of plopped on there, mostly because I know very little about the audio side of things. That is my roommate Jake jake jake reading off the whole info panel as it slides by. And the song is K/Half Noise by Mum.


More motion stuff to come!

The programs involved were as follows,

After Effects CS6, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Premier Pro CS6, Hugin, Audition CS6, Flash CS6

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving

If you have  a few clicks to spare, please look at a larger version of the holiday guy. I may have, and in fact did draw him for 18×24. When you zoom it in you’ll see I did all the stitching on his clothes and such.

I haven’t been illustrating enough lately so this is an attempt to start getting back in the swing of things.


Click it to see the full size one
Click it to see the full size one

So hopefully everyone is having a good holiday season thus far!

A slightly larger unframed one so a little more detail can be seen without clicking through to the full size
A slightly larger unframed one so a little more detail can be seen without clicking through to the full size