Indecisive focus – Cinemagraph

Another one from the other day at the abandoned farm. I’ve been too busy working to edit any other photos yet. Soon though!

Wheat-CinegraphI love how odd and slightly unsettling these things are. Plus they’re very fun and fairly quick to make!

Treasures on the old bulk head

I spent a little time wandering down the beach the other day picking up bits of crab that had washed up with the tide. Every time I had both of my hands full I would go back to the old section of bulk head and set them on the pillars. In their prime more than seventy-five years ago, these once pristine and tar covered shoulder high pillars still stand against the waves. The protect the land and the homes above as they always have, and a small number still provide the place where treasures from the beach have always been laid.


The little top bit is a little more floral than I would normally put forth, but this is a very sentimental place to me that has been in my family since the 1930’s

One of the few survivors of the shells here, the blind eyes show this fellow is just a molting

The crab shells in all of these photos can be seen in the top photo.


There’s a very high possibility that there will be more of this bulk head in the future.



Red Berries Please

These berries came up with the tide

I spent a little while wandering the beach collecting all these berries that I came across because I thought they looked pretty. Thankfully I only had one person ask what I was doing.

These little berries were all but glowing in the midday fall light.

Taking this photo just made me want a 100mm macro lens all the more.

Just in general fall light makes things look nice and sculpted. The hardest thing about shooting in it is finding a day off when it’s not raining too bad.

Single light and Reflector

A few days ago I shot some photographs for Fingers Duke’s new clothing items with a lovely friend of mine named Marti. Here are a few of my favorites!

Shooting people in this manner isn’t really my forte, but it’s always fun to play with new and different things. I feel that I stretched the single available light fairly well. Thankfully I had my reflector handy!

Marti later told me that this was her “Creeper Look”
Thinking of hunger and hungering for thinking
And one final photo to finish out the post