Self Cinemagraph

This is an small idea that I had the other night and got around to shooting on my way home from work last night. Sort of like a self portrait, but with a bit more life and character.

The image links to a little bit larger version for curious or bored.

As it were, shooting the photos was much harder than I anticipated. I had set up with my tripod and trusty intervelometer. But then came the timing. On my 30d you can get just over a 3 second burst of photos on the high setting, so I had to set my delay from hitting the button, jumping on my bike, pedaling up, and finally jumping onto the wall.
I think I have between 75 and 100 pictures of just a blank wall and maybe 30 more of myself much to early or too late. Also this is a spot a good friend showed me about a week ago. Normally I can do my little wall rides over the squares, but the whole time I was going at these I couldn’t focus on the trick because I was straining my ears to hear the shutter go.

All in all, fun project, I’m never doing it alone again though. It would have been a very easy to have another person there to ride or on trigger.

Though this does portray me fairly well I feel, right down to the, “Blah, there’s a lot going on!”