Splash Animatic for Full Website

Finally got the animatic for the splash for my full site that I’m building done. I picked up a few freelance jobs so this got put on the back burner and took a little longer than I had intended. Either way, it’s done now and I can officially start on the real thing. The end part is still up in the air, but I think I’m going to go with something similar to what’s there. I am going to keep it as a .gif animation with a lower frame-rate so that it will play on mobile devices as well as computers.

Any input is welcomed!

Remember that this is just an animatic. I already have most of the individual parts for the final one built and just need to make a couple more.

I posted a little test for the final awhile ago, but I’ll put it up again just so everyone knows a little better what I’m working towards.

Testing 1.2.3.

When it’s all completed the splash animation will be at this quality level.

Working on a Full Website

I’m in the process of building up a full website with a real portfolio. As I get more done I’ll post it, but here’s a quick proof for the animated splash page.

Animated Splash Page proof

It will be pretty involved so it will take me awhile to do, but it should be pretty neat! I’ll have an ainmatic for the opening splash in the next couple days!